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Membership Information

The members of Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship invite you to explore membership in our congregation. We offer a liberal religious community in which people freely explore, develop and celebrate meaning, values and purposes of their lives.

  • People join because they want to affirm the purposes and principles of our free religious tradition.
  • People join because here they enjoy a community of kindred spirits with whom they feel safe, welcomed, appreciated and respected.
  • People join because here they experience spiritual growth for themselves and their children.
  • People join because here they find beliefs and values put into action through social outreach and education.

We require no creedal tests and no professions of dogma or doctrine. For us, membership is a covenant to walk together in fellowship and love. We ask only for an honest desire to participate in and support the life and work of the congregation.

Membership is open to all individuals, eighteen years of age or older.  Because the health and vitality of the congregation depend upon the support and commitment of the members, we ask that people make an annual pledge of financial support to the operating budget and volunteer their time.  By signing the membership book an individual makes a commitment to the Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  The Board of Directors confirms and welcomes them as members.


Path to Membership at Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


  1. Attend "Introduction to Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship" or have an orientation with the minister or membership committee chairperson.
  2. Make a financial pledge and a volunteer commitment within your means.
  3. Sign the membership book.
  4. Confirmed by the Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Board of Directors.

This path is based on our bylaws Article III.

If you would like to discuss membership further, E-Mail your inquiries to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Committee Chair
Dianne Whitaker - Committee Chair
Dianne Whitaker